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April 2011

Establishment of a Citadel in Manitoba, Canada

The Citadel of the White Stag is officially established to represent the Ordo Astrum Sophiae in the prairie provinces of Canada’s West, and is based in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Members meet on a monthly basis for group rituals, and have regular lectures and seasonal rituals. The Chiefs of the White Stag have more than a decade of experience in ceremonial magic as well as a teaching background. The White Stag is committed to the advancement of its members in the Spiritual Alchemy of Hermetic Gnosis. Inquiries may be forwarded to the Citadel email: OASwpg@hotmail.ca or the OAS Administrator General at  astrum.sophia@gmail.com.


February 2, 2011

Establishment of a Citadel in New York, USA

The House of The Agathodaimon is established in New York and surrounding area. This House is located 55 miles from New York City on scenic Long Island. The House of The Agathodaimon offers a serious yet jovial atmosphere for the study and pursuit of the Ogdoadic Regenerative Mystery tradition in addition to the manifestation of the Glorious Star. Members participate in weekly group Rites as well as individual daily exercises. Together, as Adepti in other Regenerative Orders, the Chiefs of the House have over 25 years of Magical experience. Additionally, the House is also skilled in work with the Greek and Latin languages. Combining this experience with a classical university background, they provide a fresh perspective on Magical training. Well qualified seekers may contact the House at agathodaimon.NY@gmail.com or through the OAS Administrator General at: astrum.sophia@gmail.com.


December 21, 2010

Establishment of a Citadel in Buenos Aires, Argentina

TheCommandery of Albion is pleased to announce the establishment of theCitadel Athanaton Soma in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In recognition ofhis service to the Ogdoadic Mysteries, our Companion has been givenpermission to found a working group dedicated to transmission of theHermetic Gnosis within Latin America. Inquiries in Spanish are welcome,but please note that curriculum materials are currently only availablein English, so a good English reading ability is essential. Pleasedirect initial inquiries to astrum.sophia@gmail.com.

June 21, 2009

Establishment of The Commandery of Albion

The Chiefs of The House of Thoth of Malvern England were granted the status for a Full and Sovereign Commandery, The Commandery of Albion, of the Ordo Astrum Sophiae. The Chiefs of the Commandery of Albion, for their quality of Life, Learning and Dedication to the Ogdoadic Mysteries of the Western Esoteric Tradition, are fully authorized to transmit the degrees and teachings of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Halls of the Ogdoadic Mysteries in accordance with the tradition and constitution of the Ordo Astrum Sophiae. This, under special provisions, also permits said Commandery and House, to perform 3rd Hall workings exclusive to the vitality and mysteries of the Stella Gloriosa and to establish associate Houses in accordance with the O.A.S. Constitution.

 So it is, so shall it be, in the Light of the Glorious Star

The House of Mithras: Sweden

The House of Mithras is established in Sweden and is now accepting serious inquires. The Chiefs of the House have been dedicated practitioners of Ogdoadic magic for thirty years and are fluent in English, Swedish, German and French. To contact the House send inquires to astrum.sophia@gmail.com.


April 2009

Opening of an Astrum Sophia Citadel in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Citadel of Adocentyn has been officially established in Phoenix, Arizona. The Citadel is a small working group devoted to the Hermetic Gnosis of the Ogdoadic Tradition as crystallized within the Astrum Sophia. Inquiries should be directed to master@adocentyn.net.

August 2007

Regarding the Ordo Astrum Sophiae and the Higher Mystical Grades

We would like to respond to recent comments on the Aurum Solis website regarding the transmission of Adeptus Plenus and other mystical grades by the Ordo Astrum Sophiae.

As an autonomous and sovereign Order working within the Greater Ogdoadic Hermetic Tradition, we exercise the right to change, fashion and transmit any advanced degrees within our Order that we see fit.  As a well established, authentically contacted Order it is a simple fact that we have, not only the authority,  but the capacity to transmit mystical degrees within the Astrum Sophia and Ogdoadic Tradition.  We do not claim or want the right to do so within the Aurum Solis and cannot understand how implementation of our higher degrees could be objectionable to any other order

It should also be understood that the Astrum Sophia does not consider its higher degrees necessary for the spiritual growth of its Adepts.  These degrees are reserved for those few individuals who exhibit extraordinary dedication to the continuance and life of the Tradition.

Finally, if it is to remain a conduit for a living current, every tradition must change and evolve. The current Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is a good example, having generated offshoots such as Dion Fortune’s Fraternity of the Inner Light and W.E. Butler’s Servants of the Light. The Ogdoadic Tradition is going through a similar transformation, as it has times in the past. This process should be encouraging to the Aurum Solis, as we wish it goodwill in continuing its path in whatever way it is called.

Hunden skäller, men karavanen drar förbi.

Ordo Astrum Sophia College of Thrones
The House of the Winged Serpent
Summer Solstice 2007

April 2007

The House of the Phoenix, Toronto Ontario Canada, has rejoined the Astrum Sophia. Contact information will be available on the Affiliated Bodies of the O.A.S. section of the website or contact the Administrator at Astrum.Sophia@gmail.com.

March 22, 2007

The House of Thoth was formally established in the Malvern Hills, located in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. The House serves the U.K. and Ireland through its dedication to the Ogdoadic Tradition of the Western Mysteries and its commitment to manifesting the ambience of the Glorious Star. For inquiries contact info@houseofthoth.net.

June 6, 2006

Ordo Astrum Sophiae will be launching an online journal in late 2006 or early 2007, to be published biannually: The Ogdoadic Journal of the Western Mysteries, Sun Lion Publications, The Ordo Astrum Sophiae. This will be a cooperative venture of the Order, intended to broaden the scope of available Ogdoadic material to the community at large. The journal will be an open service to the Ogdoadic, Western Mystery Tradition, presenting articles and material on topics such as “Defining the Ogdoadic Tradition,” “The Constellation of the Worshipped of the A.S.,” “The Regenerative Mysteries,” “Symbolism of the Ogdoadic Tradition,” “The Holy Guardian Angel: Its Quest and Fulfillment,” and “Ogdoadic Ritual Magic.” The majority of material will be taken from the Order’s internal journal, The Messenger; however, individuals interested in making submissions can contact us at astrum.sophia@gmail.com in care of Sun Lion Publications. Articles will be accepted at the discretion of the publication team and may be edited, with permission, to better fit the style or format of the journal.

March 22, 2006

The House of Mithras is established in Brussels and is now accepting serious inquires. The Chiefs of the House have been dedicated practitioners of Ogdoadic magic for thirty years and are fluent in English, Swedish, German and French. To contact the House send inquires to astrum.sophia@gmail.com.

September 22, 2005

 The House of Mithras will be relocating to Brussels by the spring of 2006.

July 2005

The Citadel of the Ouroboros in Seattle, Washington, was granted House status within the Ordo Astrum Sophiae. The House of the Ouroboros is committed to the advancement of the Ogdoadic Tradition and the work of the Glorious Star. Contact and workings are offered in Seattle, Washington and Eugene, Oregon.

March 21,2005

The House of Mithras wasestablished in France.

January 23,2005

The House of the Green Lion,under the direction of Tom Worrel, became a Sovereign Commandery of theOrdo Astrum Sophiae.

December 21,2004


On December 21,2004, the Commandery of the Winged Serpent in Minnesota separated fromthe Aurum Solis.  We will continue our work within the Ordo Astrum Sophiae, a contacted initiatory Order expressing itself in and throughthe greater Ogdoadic Tradition.

Although the Winged Serpent nolonger operates within the Order Aurum Solis, our grade structure,practices, teachings and rites of initiation remain the same.  Wehave retained the full scope of established Aurum Solis workings withinour current system, and remain a descendent of the Aurum Solisspiritual lineage.  Ordo Astrum Sophiae operates under a Charterof Spiritual Succession, granted by the Aurum Solis Grand Commandery in2002 to William Stoltz, the Master of the Winged Serpent.

Ordo Astrum Sophiae, with William Stoltzas the presiding Grand Master, has ratified constitutional andadministrative structures to meet its distinctive needs andvision. 

Ordo AstrumSophiae will continue conducting traditional Aurum Solis studies andpractices and encouraging serious research into the Ogdoadic Traditionof the Western Mysteries.  We will also continue uninterruptedlywith the induction of initiates and the advancement of existingCompanions.  As a vehicle of the Divine Alchemy, we are committedto the ideals of the Great Work and to the manifestation of the Glorious Star of Regeneration.

April 28, 2001

The House of the Winged Serpent is Consecrated by the rite set down in Sacratio Templi, in the Light of the Glorious Star, In Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN. The Winged Serpent is a continuation of the original House founded by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips after moving to the United States.

November 1, 1999

The Commandery of the Winged Serpent was reactivated in Minneapolis, MN., with William Stoltz as Master, by authority of Osborne Phillips the presiding Grand Master of the Aurum Solis.