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The Chaldćan Oracles
by G.R.S. Mead
(Complements of Jennifer Wolfe and William Stoltz)

Volume I




The Supreme Principle

The End of Understanding

Mystic Union

The One Desirable

The Divine Triad

God-nurturing Silence

The Holy Fire

Mind of Mind

The Monad and Dyad

Once Beyond and Twice Beyond

The Great Mother

All Things Are Triple

The Mother-Depths

The Ćon

The Utterance of the Fire

Limit the Separator

The Emanation of Ideas

The Bond of Love Divine

The Seven Firmaments

The True Sun

The Moon

The Elements

The Shells of the Cosmic Egg

The Physiology of the Cosmic Body

The Globular Cosmos

Nature and Necessity

The Principles and Rulers of the Sensible World


Volume II



The Starters

The Maintainers

The Enders

The Daimones

The Dogs

The Human Soul

The Vehicles of Man


The Body


The Divine Spark

The Way of Return

The Armour of Sounding Light

The Way Above

Purification by Fire

The Angelic Powers of Purification

The Sacred Fires

The Fruit of the Fire Tree

The Pćan of the Soul

The Mystery-Cultus

The Mystic Marriage

The Purifying Mysteries

The Fire-Gnosis

The Manifestations of the Gods

The Theurgic Art

The Royal Souls

The Light-Spark

The Unregenerate

The Perfecting of the Body


The Darkness

The Infernal Stairs

On Conduct

The Gnosis of Piety



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